Our equipment:

Alpha Spectrometer ALPHA-DUO (Ortec, USA):

— for measurement of U and Th isotopes extracted from samples. It provides measurement of U and Th specific activities with high accuracy (because of the high power permission of the detector – < 24 Kev),

— presence of two cameras (channels) allows to make simultaneous measurement of uranium and thorium fractions from individual sample,

— automatic maintenance of vacuum in cameras provides possibility long (up to several days) measurements of micro-quantities of uranium and thorium.

  • Quantulus 1220 liquid scintillation spectrometer (Perkin Elmer, USA):

— gives possibility to determine 14C-age (up to 65 000 yr) of environmental materials with high accuracy,

— determination of micro-activity of 14-C. It allows to carry out detailed radiocarbon study. For instance, to date each cm or less along sedimentary column,

— has 8 simultaneously working windows, therefore – high productivity 210Pb, 210Bi and 210Po analyses allows to study processes of modern sedimentation in lakes and sea shelf and climate changes during last 100-150 yr and in radio- and geoecological researches.

  • X-ray fluorescent spectrometer GV-Max (Spectroscan, Russia)
  • Laboratory centrifuge MPW-351 is obligatory at carrying out of serial microbiological and chemical analyses for separation of solid and liquid phases of analyzed samples
  • Laboratory centrifuge MPW-351 with an additional rotor is necessary for carrying out of micropalaeontological analyses of the of natural objects different in volume
  • The furnace SNOL 8,2/1100 (Russia) is obligatory for decomposition (digestion) and burning of samples of an organic material at high temperatures (up to 800-900 C)
  • Aquadistillator DE-10 (Russia) is necessary for preparation of the distilled water applied at diluting of acids and alkalis and for preparation of samples to analytical procedures
  • Water bath LWB–A maintains temperature of water from ambient temperature to 99°C. It gives the chance to evaporate sample (at carrying out of chemical processing of samples for the palynological analysis) without an overheat and decomposition of the sample
  • Laboratory ultrasonic bath Ultrasons allows qualitatively and quickly (up to 15 minutes) to make clearing of laboratory glasses after carrying out of chemical preparation of samples for the palynological analysis
  • Microscopes, computers, laboratory glasses, electroplates etc.